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IT Program


We are living in a century where technology advances and our lives are so dependent on it that no one denies its true impact. That’s why the overarching goal of our programs is typically to harness technology to innovate and develop employable skills.

Our programs are more practical than theoretical and aim to hand up people with the knowledge and skills needed to work.

So far, our IT training program focuses on Internet, Website Design and Online Store.

These topics consist of: 

  • Internet: Introduction, Internet Protocol (IP), World Wide Web (WWW), Web Browsers, URL (Uniform Resource Locator), Web Search Engines and Email.

  • Website Design: Introduction, Layout (Desktop & Mobile), Incorporation of multimedia elements, Navigation, Responsive Design, DNS (Domain Name System), Connecting a Domain Name and Hosting.

  • Online Store: The foundation of an online store, Product Listings, Shopping Cart, Checkout Process, Payment Gateway, User Accounts, etc

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