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Multimedia Program

This program focuses on Adobe Creative Cloud ApplicationsPhotography & Photo EditingVideography & Video EditingGraphic Design and Digital Art.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, etc

  • Photography & Photo Editing

    • Photography: Introduction, Camera Setting, Basic Practice, Composition and Light.

    • Photo Editing: Introduction, Image Selecting, Image Adjustment and Exporting.

  • Videography & Video Editing

    • Videography: Introduction, Camera Setting, Basic Practice, Composition and Light

    • Video Editing: Introduction, Importing a Video, Editing Process and Exporting

  • Graphic Design: Introduction, Designing a Logo, Posters, Banners and Digital Design

  • Digital Art: For now, this one is reserved for artists who use their hands to draw or paint portraits and want to move on to digital art.

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